Industry Service

Nanomaterials and Ceramic Engineering (NCE) Department provides expert testing and consultancy services to different public and private organizations/industries through the Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation (BRTC) – a central body of BUET , responsible for carrying out technical services to the client.

The department conducts almost a full set of tests for ceramic and glass materials/products in accordance to the international standards. Also compositional, micro structural and other tests of cement and other materials/finished products are conducted by the department with utmost precision and moral ethics.

Why Testing is Required?
♦ improve product quality
♦ enhance safety
♦ build consumer confidence
♦ benchmark against competitors’ products
♦ finding the root cause of product failure

Click the following links to get the sample letters required for testing services:
Sample letter in English
Sample letter in Bangla

Contact Address:
BRTC Coordinator : Mehedi Hasan Rizvi
Mobile : 01918337348
Tel.: 9665650, Ext : 6748