Industry Service

The Department of Nanomaterials and Ceramic Engineering (NCE) provides expert testing and consultancy services to public and private organizations and industries through the Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation (BRTC) – a central body of BUET - responsible for carrying out technical services to the client.

The department conducts almost a full set of tests for ceramic and glass materials and products in accordance to the international standards. Also compositional, micro structural and other tests of cement and other materials and finished products are conducted by the department.

Why Testing is Required?
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance safety
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Benchmark against competitors’ products
  • Finding the root cause of product failure

Characterization Facilities for Industrial Testing:

In addition to the advanced material characterization tools described in the facilities page, the Department of Glass and Ceramic Engineering is equipped with the following facilities for testing purpose.

Ceramic and Tiles Testing Facilities:
  • Dimensions and surface quality according to EN ISO 10545-1 standard
  • Water absorption capacity, apparent porosity, apparent relative density and bulk density according to EN ISO 10545-2 standard
  • Modulus of rupture/breaking strength according to EN ISO 10545-4 standard
  • Impact resistance according to EN ISO 10545-5 standard
  • Surface abrasion according to EN ISO 10545-7 standard
  • Thermal shock resistance according to EN ISO 10545-9 standard
  • Frost resistance according to EN ISO 10545-12 standard
  • Chemical resistance according to EN ISO 10545-13 standard
  • Glaze thickness according to European model No: GTP006EU standard
  • Glossiness according to ASTM C346 standard
  • Thermal expansion coefficient by using dilatometry

Cement Testing Facilities:
  • Chemical analysis of cements and cement clinkers:
    • Oxide compositions of SiO 2 , Al 2 O 3 , CaO, Fe 2 O 3 , TiO 2 , MgO, MnO 2 , SO 3 and total alkali content (Na 2 O & K 2 O as equivalent Na 2 O)
    • Compound composition analysis of tri-calcium aluminate (C 3 A), di-calcium Silicate (C 2 S), Tri-calcium Silicate (C 3 S), Tetracalciumaluminoferrite (C 4 AF) etc.
  • Lime Saturation Factor (LSF)
  • Loss on Ignition (LOI)
  • Insoluble Residue (IR)

Glass Testing Facilities:
  • Glass Transition Temperature (T g )- by using DSC/TG
  • Surface Stress Polarimeter- measures stress for both flat and curved surfaces of the glass
  • Edge Stress Meter- complies with worldwide industry standards and test methods, including ASTM, GANA, and CE requirement
  • Digital Roll Wave Gauge- measures out-of-plane deformations on the surface of the glass
  • Polariscope / Polarimeter System-measures stress through any practical thickness of flat glass. This model will measure 'temper number' for container testing in accordance with ASTM C-148
  • Internal Stress Measurement System/Scattered Light Polariscope


SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Insoluble Residue 6,325.00
02 Loss on Ignition 6,325.00
*03 Compositional Analysis Using XRF Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3),
Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3),
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), Sulfer Trioxide (SO3),
Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Sodium Oxide (Na2O),
Potassium Oxide(K2O), Calcium Oxide (CaO),
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Chloride Content (Cl-­) etc.
and Lime Saturation Factor (LSF)
*Prerequisite: Loss on Ignition (BDT 6,325)
**04 Compound Compositional Analysis using XRD
(including compositional analysis of S.N. 3): Tricalcium Silicate (C3S),
Dicalcium Silicate (C2S), Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A),
Tetracalcium Alumino-ferrite (C4AF), Free Lime (CaO)
**Prerequisite: Compositional Analysis Using XRF (BDT 25,300)
05 Package (All the above four tests) 63,250.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Surface Flatness TBD
02 Surface Stress TBD
03 Edge Stress TBD
04 Through Thickness Stress Distribution (Internal Stress) TBD
05 Chemical Composition Analysis of Glass/Raw Materials Using XRF TBD
06 % Transmittance and % Absorbance TBD
07 % Reflectance and % Absorbance TBD
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 DSC/TGA 25,000.00
02 Glass Transition (Tg) 25,000.00
03 Specific heat measurement 50,000.00
04 Thermal expansion coefficient (by Dilatometer) 25,000.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Capacitance (C), Inductance (L) - each 6,325.00
02 Impedance (Z), Angle (θ) - each 6,325.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 SEM 25,300.00
02 EDX
03 SEM+EDX 37,950.00
04 EDX mapping 25,300.00
05 Sample preparation by mechanical polishing 5000,00
06 Sample preparation by Cross Section Polisher (CP) 10,000.00
07 Comment 11,500.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Thickness, Straightness of sides , Rectangularity Surface Flatness 1,897.00
02 Flexural Strength/Modulus of rupture 1,897.00
03 Water absorption 1,897.00
04 Pin abrasion test 2,530.00
05 Impact test 2,530.00
06 Glossiness measurement 2,530.00
07 Chemical composition analysis 2,530.00
08 Thermal shock measurement 10,120.00
09 Chemical resistance (qualitative) 18,975.00
10 Resistance to stains 12,650.00
11 Chemical Composition Analysis of Tiles/ Ceramic Raw Materials 25,300.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Composition analysis 25,300.00
02 Moisture Content/ loss on drying 3,795.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 Compositional Analysis Using XRF 25,300.00
02 Moisture Content/ loss on drying 3,795.00
SL Name of Tests Test Rate (BDT)
01 % Transmission and % Absorption (for solid and liquid samples) 12,650.00
02 Diffuse reflectance 12,650.00
03 Specular reflectance (relative or absolute) 12,650.00
04 Band Gap measurement 18,975.00
05 Comment 11,500.00
Some Testing and Consultancy Services Provided by the Department:
SL Name of Project Work type Work description
01 Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited Consultancy Feasibility Study
02 Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) Consultancy Feasibility Study
03 Bangladesh Hardland Ceramics Co. Ltd. Consultancy Installation and Verification
04 Bangladesh Army and DBL Ceramics Ltd, Consultancy Product Development
05 Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd. Consultancy Production Process Improvement
06 Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Limited Consultancy Energy Efficiency Improvement
07 Nasir Group of Industries Testing and Consultancy Glass Furnace Refractories
08 Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) Testing Cement
09 Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project Testing Cement
10 First Dhaka Elevated Expressway (FDEE) Company Limited Testing Cement
11 Dhaka-Khulna (N-8) Highway to 4 Lane with Separate lane for Slow Moving Vehicle Project Testing Cement
12 8 th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge Project Testing Cement
13 Matarbari 1200MW Ultra Super Critical Coal Fired Power Project Testing Cement
14 Bheramara Combined Cycle Power Plant (360MW) Development Project Testing Cement
15 400 MW Bibiyana III CCPP Testing Cement
16 Dhaka Khulna N-8 Improvement Project, Package-9 (Arial Kha Bridge) Testing Cement
17 Khulna Mongla Rail Project Testing Cement
18 Dhaleswari Bridge 1 & 2 Testing Cement
19 Bibiyana South 400 MW CCPP Testing Cement
20 Karnaphuli Tunnel Project Testing Cement
21 Almost all Cement Factories in Bangladesh Testing and R&D Cement
22 Bibiyana III 400 MW Gas Based CCPP Project Testing Glass
23 The Bengal Glass Works Ltd. Testing Glass
24 Bangladesh Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project Testing Bentonite Slurry
25 Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited (CUFL) Testing Catalyst
26 Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited (JFCL) Testing Catalyst
27 Ashuganj Fertilizer Factory Testing Catalyst
28 Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd. Testing Tiles
29 Uttara Apartment Project, Rajuk Testing Tiles
30 RAK Ceramics BD Ltd. Testing Tiles

i) All test procedures comply with ASTM and EN standards.

ii) VAT (15%), University Overhead (30%) and contingency (10%) are included with the total test fees.

iii) Test/comment rates stated above should be considered for one sample.

iv) All rates are valid from 01 July 2017 till 31st December 2018. However, Department of Glass and Ceramic Engineering reserves the right to change the rates at any time without any prior notice.