Nano Particle Synthesis Lab

Nano synthesis laboratory provides high quality research facilities for nano-material synthesis. The nano synthesis lab is equipped for the synthesis of metal, metal oxides including some biomaterials using conventional sol-gel, hydrothermal, solvothermal, microwave synthesis, pressure and environment control stirred reactor synthesis for small amount of nanomaterials including green synthesis using reducing agent extracted from plants. These materials can be used for the production of powder nanomaterials with varying particle size and morphology and also for the fabrication of thin film for photovoltaic, magnetic and dielectric functional materials. The ultrasonic dispersion probes of varying diameters are fruitfully utilized for the synthesis of nanomaterials from bulk sample.

It is also used for deagglomeration of nanomaterials. Our nano-synthesis laboratory also provides the facility of conventional solid state synthesis carried out by high energy ball mills for homogenization and particle size reduction. After initial synthesis of nanomaterials, they undergo extensive multiple thermal treatments using furnaces with varying capacity and temperature range. All furnaces are equipped with programmable temp controller with number of dwell times.

List of equipment in nano-synthesis laboratory-

  • High temperature furnaces
  • Ovens for drying
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Microwave synthesis equipment
  • Stirred reactor vessel
  • pH meter
  • Ultrasonic probe
  • High energy ball mill
  • Centrifuge
  • Grinding polisher
  • Diamond cutter
  • Hot plates and magnetic stirrers