Admission and Registration Procedures

Before being finally selected for admission a candidate may be required to appear at an oral and / or written test by a Selection Committee as constituted by the BPGS / RAC. He/She will be required to take pre-requisite courses as may be prescribed by the Selection Committee. Every selected candidate, unless he/she has already been registered, shall get himself/herself registered with the University.

After admission each student shall be assigned, by the relevant BPGS/RAC, an Adviser from among the teachers of the Department / Institute not below the rank of an Assistant Professor. In advance of each enrolment and course registration for any semester, the Adviser or Supervisor shall check and approve his/her student’s schedule for subjects, pre-requisites as recommended by the Selection Committee and the total hours. The student is expected to consult his/her Adviser/Supervisor on all academic matters but, it is the responsibility of the individual student to see that his/her schedule conforms to the academic regulations.

Every registered student shall get himself/herself enrolled on payment of prescribed fees and other dues as per the University rules before the commencement of each semester. In an academic year there will be normally two semesters. All course registration must be completed within two weeks from the start of a semester.

No late registration will be allowed after two weeks of designated dates of registration. Late registration after this date may only be accepted for thesis/project if the student submits a written appeal to the Registrar through the concerned Head and can document extenuating circumstances such as medical problems (physically incapacitated and not able to be presented) from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the University or some other academic commitments which precluded registration prior to the last date of registration.

Students will be charged a late registration fee of Tk. 1000.00 (One thousand) only. This extra fee will not be waived whatever be the reason for late registration.

If a student is unable to complete the final examination of a semester due to serious illness or serious accident or official commitment he/she may apply to the Registrar in a prescribed form through Head/Director of the degree awarding Department Institute for total withdrawal from the semester within a week after the end of the semester final examination.

The application must be supported by a medical certificate from the CMO, BUET or relevant Official documents. The Academic Council will take the final decision about such application on the recommendation of the relevant BPGS/RAC.