Nanomaterial synthesis

For the last five years our department has acquired sufficient experience in various functional nanomaterial synthesis including Spinels (AB2O4 ), Titanate family of materials (ABO3 ), Garnet type microwave materials (A3B5O12 ), Soft and Permanent ceramic Magnetic materials of magneto plumbite type and green synthesis using reducing agent extracted from plants. Also ceramic materials having semiconducting properties for antibacterial, photocatalytic, photovoltaic, imaging therapy, quantum dot application to mention a few of them. Our recent research includes synthesis and characterization of multiferroic materials like BiFeO3 with various doping agents, photocatalysts like -BiVO4 , CeO2 , TiO2 , ZnO, Garnet materials like YIG with various doping agents etc.

Affiliated faculty: All faculty members at GCE