Renewable Energy and thin-film materials

In this research theme, we work on Thin film deposition by physical and chemical methods and nanoparticle synthesis, microtructural and crystallographic characterization of both bulk materials and thin films, Optical and opto-electronic characterization and modeling of nanostructured materials (nano powders and thin films).

Current Research Activities related to solar cell:
Fabrication of ZnSe thin film, an important buffer layer for solar cell.
Our aim in this project was to find the correlation between optical and structural properties of ZnSe buffer layer to gain a better control over processing conditions. Our mode of deposition was Physical Vapour Deposition technique. We performed structural and microstructural characterization such as determination of crystal structure of thin film and source materials, Phase purity conformation of the thin film and source material, Determination of detailed structural parameters using Rietveld and several other analytical techniques, determination of geometrical, mechanical and thermodynamic parameters, Orientation density analysis of the deposited buffer layer adopting the Schulz X-ray reflection technique, Grain/crystal size and film dimension analysis using scanning electron microscopic technique, Film-surface elemental mapping using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopic technique and Optical characterization such as determination of transmittance, reflectance and absorbance of both substrate and buffer layer, Determination of electro-optical constants: refractive index, absorption and extinction coefficients, complex dielectric constant over a wide energy spectrum, determination of type and energy requirement for optical transition and analysis of various other important electro-optical parameters.
Fabrication of CdSe and CZTS thin film, an important absorber layer for solar cell. In this project we established the optimum processing conditions for CdSe and CZTS thin film light absorber layer for solar cell application using physical and chemical methods respectively. Our Mode of formation was Physical Vapour Deposition and Spin Coating technique. So far we have performed all structural, microstructural and optical characterization as mentioned for ZnSe based thin film buffer layer. Project #3 Fabrication of CdZnSSe based absorber layer thin film for solar cell and band gap engineering... (Due to commence by April 2018.)

Other ongoing research activities on collaboration:
  • Processing and characterization (Structural, Optical, Electrical and Magnetic) of composite thin film prepared by wet chemical route for photo-catalytic application.
  • Development of a hybrid fabrication technique for both doped and undoped KNN based ferroelectric ceramics for charge storage and nonvolatile memory applications.
  • Modulation of dielectric properties of BNT based ferroelectric ceramics by incorporating different A and B –site dopants and altering various processing parameters adopted by SSR method.
  • Fabrication of doped ZnO based nanoparticles and transparent conducting oxide layer for solar cell application.
Research Collaborations:
  • Experimental Physics Division, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), Dhaka.
  • Institute of Fuel research and Development (IFRD), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), Dhaka.
  • Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Department of Physics, BUET, Dhaka.

Affiliated faculty: Dr. Md. Abdullah Zubair, Dr. Redwan N. Sajjad